AlnME Believe


Set includes the following elements as individual designs

ALnME Believe word  ALnME Believe trees

AlnME Believe tree1  AlnME Believe tree2

ALnME Believe checkerboard

believe border set
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Alma Lynne Hayden's take on stitching is fab in machine embroidery!

Six designs in download - complete border as seen at left, and all elements as below.

Fits 5x7 hoops 

Fits 4x4 hoops (smaller elements)


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 This is a machine embroidery file in cross-stitch style

Designs digitized by Trisch under licence from Alma Lynne Hayden Originals




Great gifting idea for Christmas - stitch onto the bottom of a linen tea towel
and wrap up with a big red bow and cinnamon sticks.